Thriving in your career, but failing at love..?

Want Us To Help You Attract Your Committed, Masculine Man..

So you can create your dream Power Couple Partnership without sacrificing career success or personal freedom...?

(Before you apply, let us send you a case study that shows you how we’ve helped our clients break out of unhealthy relationship dynamics, so they could attract emotionally available, committed men..)
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The High Priestess Transformation

  •  Master the energetics of attraction, love & intimacy: Call in your perfect partner & create time-stopping, heart-throbbing love

  • Play the “game of love” in the quantum field: Overcome the past heartbreak and unhealthy dynamics of the past and create your dream love &  life by design

  • Become an expert communicator: Speak your needs, boundaries, and desires with clarity, precision and open-heartedness 

  • Be the sorceress of your emotions: Welcome and work with your emotions as they come, rather than pushing them away, stuffing them down, or projecting them out

  • Become a sensual goddess: Be deeply in tune and in touch with what lights you up and turns you on

  • Become a connoisseur of sexual delight: Develop deep intimacy with your sexual needs, desires, edges & boundaries

  • Build your empire using your erotic energy: Cultivate & wield your inner fire to build a life full of wealth, impact, love & connection 

Watch The Case Study Now


Hi, we are Ani & Lee!

We’re Intimacy Coaches, Psychedelic Therapists, partners in life and run three businesses together.

Our mission in the world is to awaken humanity into a new paradigm for conscious relationships that combine deep safety, commitment, presence, expression with untamed passion, desire and intimacy - a true Power Couple partnership. 

We created Become The High Priestess, a transformational program that helps powerful single women do the inner work so they can attract a masculine, committed and emotionally available partner who can meet them in their depths, hold them in the full range of their being and co-create the relationship of their dreams. 

We’re also the founders of Untamed Intimacy, a company whose mission is to support couples to create deeply connected, passionate love.

Together, we’ve helped hundreds of women & couples open their hearts, so they can create the deep love they’ve always longed for.

We believe that when powerful women courageously lead with their hearts,  they can give and receive deep love, while fulfilling their life's purpose. 

Our not-so-secret dream is to help women create the kind of Power Couple Partnerships that inspire and change the world!


The #1 reason most successful women don't attract committed masculine men (hint: it's not what you think) & how to break through the invisible blocks keeping you from the love and intimacy you want & finally create your dream Power Couple Partnership


Watch The Case Study Now