Life's Boss Battles: Learning To See How Things Are Happening FOR You Instead of To You

conflict needs spiritual Jun 21, 2020
Did you or someone you know play video games as a kid? 
If so, then you know a thing or two about "boss battles."
Boss battles occur when you've made it to the end of the level and you've gotta fight "the good fight" against your character's enemy. 
Why is this relevant? 
We, as characters in our own game of life, experience and prevail through our very own boss battles. They may not look like a half-balding orange-haired man with an unusually large mustache (or maybe the do...). 😛 
They look like challenging conversations with loved ones, maintenance issues in your home, a difficult co-worker, not getting the job you really wanted, plans falling through, etc. 
Sometimes it feels as if it's one thing after the next, which is exactly how it has felt for us and countless others we've spoken to recently. If this is you too, know that you're not alone! ❤️
We've come to find that when we arrive at a boss battle, there are constructive and destructive ways to try to "beat the level:"
  • Pause and breathe
  • Ask: "what do I need right now?" 
  • Introspect: take a step back to see the bigger picture -- are there patterns at play?
  • Practice epic self-care and allow yourself space to feel and process, so you can proceed clearly
  • Ask for help!
  • Blame others 
  • Make this about you vs. someone else rather than you (and said person) vs. the issue
  • Ignore the issue
  • Play victim or martyr
  • Use vices that feel unhealthy as a way to suppress or numb the experience
  • Stay silent (opposite of asking for help)
The lists could go on and on. 
Take a look to see if you have tendencies in either category. 
If you have some destructive tendencies, would you like to keep practicing them? Note: there's no judgment if you do; I find myself in that category sometimes too. It's a matter of giving yourself the choice to exit that cycle and choose something that feels more constructive and supportive to your health and growth. 
We'd like to offer a perspective shift. 
What if your boss battles aren't happening to you? 
What if they're happening FOR YOU?!
Could you hold out hope that there's a reason why everything is happening in this way at this time and with this level of intensity?
What is here for you to learn? What is here for any of us to learn?
Over the past few weeks of being in our own boss battles, we've realized that we've been going through an initiation of sorts.
We've signaled to the Universe that we're ready to up-level and take on what's next, and in doing so, we dramatically grow, shift, and expand in the direction of our dreams. 
It doesn't always feel light, but when we remember that this is all happening in our favor, we get to surrender a little more to the divine plan that we're co-creating with the Universe. 
Know that surrender and choosing what feels most supportive to you is a choice you can always make! ❤️ 
With love,
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