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Finding Balance Between Our Masculine & Feminine Qualities

feminine masculine polarity Jun 21, 2020
Relationship is the biggest game on the planet and most of us don't know the rules. We therefore don't know how to play successfully and with ease. 1
Have you ever stopped to think that you're playing a game where you might not know the rules? 
What do we mean by this? 
From whom did you learn "the rules" of relationship, that is, how to relate to yourself, others, and everything around you? Are your rules yours or were they passed down to you from someone or somewhere else? 
Most of us learned how to relate to others and the world from family, organized religion, society, etc. While we may have learned valuable things from each of these bodies, what most of us did not learn was the foundational concept of masculine and feminine energy. 
When we refer to masculine and feminine energy, we're not referring to the gender identifications male and female, we're referring to an expression of qualities. While most men tend to...
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