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"More powerful than 20+ years of therapy"

If you're considering working with Ani and Lee, it will be the best thing that you will ever do for yourself. And it will be one of the most important shifts that you can make in your life today. You owe it to yourself to work with them. I fully trust them. I wouldn't be where I am now without them. I didn't know what love was before working with them. Before working with them, I was suffering every day - mentally, physically, emotionally & spiritually. I struggled with my relationship to myself and others, with being happy, and feeling safe. I have so much more hope & faith now that I'll be able to love my life, and the courage to face the truth. In all the things I've done, I've never felt as supported & safe as I felt when working with Ani & Lee. It was huge to feel the level of safety I felt with them. I've let go of things I've carried for 60 years. Ani & Lee know what they are doing. 


"Magic, mystery, romance - everyday!"

If you're considering working with Lee & Ani, the universe has led you to the right place for a reason. Lee and Ani are such perfect mirrors & set such a perfect container. Before, things were chaotic and disconnected. We didn't have a language with which to discuss the types of problems we were having, there was embarrassment and reluctance because of fear of judgement or being hurt. We needed an environment that was non judgmental and could hold space for both of us to express the feelings that we needed to for our relationship to grow and flower. We both felt alone trying to fight for the relationship. Once we started working with Ani and Lee, we recognized that some of the assumptions we had made weren't actually true. We were able to come together and start communicating without judgement. We felt complete acceptance and securely held around touchy topics - we couldn't have done this alone. One of the biggest epiphanies we had was that we get to discover each other anew every day. Part of the mystery, magic and romance of really being in love with & knowing your partner is understanding that it is an everyday experience. The things that felt like challenges now feel like gifts & we approach things from curiosity & love. I'm so glad we did this!


"They've changed my life"

Ani & Lee can see things that you can't see about yourself. And they will challenge you lovingly to a place that you can't possibly imagine that you can get to. I didn't even realize that I could be the woman and the business owner that I am today until I met Ani and Lee. They've changed my life. I could really trust them, and I was really looking to go a layer deeper into my consciousness and work through some things in a safe environment. Before, my life was pretty chaotic, and I was also living in a lot of fear & in my head all the time and making choices from a place of lack instead of abundance. And I definitely didn't take space for myself as much as I should.  I was really able to step into my power. I feel like my worldview is different and the view I take every day in my life and in my business is different. My business has financially has gone through the roof - I've tripled everything. More ideal clients more abundance, my relationships with my partner has gotten better and with my friends have gotten better. Everything's just gotten better.


"The next evolutionary edge"

Ani and Lee get something about what people want and need, even if those people don't know it themselves - the core foundational aspects of what a person needs in order to unwind from stress and anxiety and judgment or shame. So they can be in a deeper relationship with themselves, with friends, family, finances & purpose in the world. I think that's a huge gift. if you're thinking of doing any kind of work with them, then just know that you're talking to people who really get it. It's very much worth your time to consider their work. I'm someone who is always looking at the next evolutionary edge for me to push in service of my own growth and it just seemed like this was the next step. I felt really held, seen & connected. That's my medicine. Since working with them, there has been a significant up leveling in my relationship with myself, and that hasn't gone away. In fact, it's become the new normal. Ani and Lee have done so much of their own work and have been on such a powerful and deep transformational journey themselves that, they are very clearly talking their talk and walking their own walk, and they're really bringing the best of their own journey to other people. I trust them. 


"I trust them"

I had an amazing experience from the beginning to the end. I felt safe going in because Ani & Lee are gentle, knowledgeable, spiritual, loving and just profound - and this has exceeded my expectations. Before I started working with Ani and Lee, I felt overworked in all aspects of life - multiple jobs, kids, working non stop without making time for myself. Days, weeks, months would go by feeling tired, stressed and behind all the time. I felt guilty doing things for myself, worrying that I would fall behind on responsibilities. I felt a lot of anxiety and was also trying to navigate a divorce. The biggest breakthrough I had is was the love that I was able to feel for myself and for others, and receive back as soon as I felt the love for myself. Another big piece was the gratitude and abundance I felt - I certainly can't remember the last time I felt that way. It was incredible & intoxicating. I realized that this is how I can feel every day and it's always available to me. Since, I've started setting boundaries - and even though my workload is the same, I find time to do things for myself that are enjoyable. I meditate a lot more. I feel more calm and grounded during conflict and feel really safe. I've let go of things I never thought I'd let go. I feel so grateful for this experience.