The Untamed Intimacy Story

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About Ani & Lee

WIth 20+ years of transformational coaching experience between us, we’ve studied with the world’s leading experts in Neuroscience, Psychology, Tantra & Sacred Sexuality, Somatic Experiencing, Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy, Dance, Sound Healing, & other domains.

More importantly, we have accumulated a wealth of lived experience in  how we relate to ourselves, our partners and the world, through “the school of hard knocks,” which we are honored to share with our clients around the world. 


In our own lives, we’ve navigated deep childhood trauma, abuse, depression, self sabotage, anxiety, destructive relational patterns, codependency, addiction and grief. 

We’ve faced our demons, and at times have also run from them. 

We’ve seen our shadow reflected in our relationship and embraced the opportunities for growth, and also lashed back out when we weren’t ready to learn the lesson. 

We’ve been in denial, avoidance, projected our shit on each other, and also taken radical responsibility for our emotions and experience. 

All this to say that we are not a picture perfect couple with all our issues figured out, we are perfectly imperfect, real human beings like you who have dedicated our lives to learning & growing with each other, using our relationship as a vehicle for our evolution. 

We bring our various areas of expertise and lived experience to all the work we do, allowing us to pull on some of the world’s most powerful modalities for healing & transformation.

As two curious kids in adult bodies, we’re constantly learning, experimenting, and tinkering with techniques in our relationship, so that we can bring you the most powerful intimacy practices. 

Because we have developed the capacity to hold extraordinary amounts of our own (and each other’s)  pain, anger, sadness, loneliness, and grief, as well as,  joy and bliss -- we are able to hold a space for our clients that is unrivaled in the coaching & therapy world. 

All that aside, we believe that there is no method or technique needed to show you how inherently perfect and whole you already are. When you start from that belief, the journey to deeper intimacy with yourself and your partner becomes clear. 

We’re here to show you how to remember your inherent worthiness, so you can own it in your relationship and the world like the badass you are! 

More about our story from Lee

For many years, we lived in the same neighborhood -- the Lower East Side of Manhattan. In fact, we lived just blocks away from each other.

We would frequent the same coffee shops, grocery stores, and gym. Ani would even play soccer on the field directly in front of my old apartment building.

I must've walked by that field so many times while Ani was running around sweatily, yelling, and directing his teammates toward the next play.

We were living the movie "Serendipity,” often in the same place at the same time, but simply missing the moment to connect and not even knowing of the other's existence. 

It wasn’t until I moved across the river to Brooklyn, that we met at a workshop one fateful April day; a workshop that neither of us had planned to attend, but were invited to last minute. 

Even that day, neither of us noticed each other until, as Ani tells the story, I got up to speak and caught his attention. :p

From that moment on, we spoke on every break, getting to know each other a little better each time. During the final break of the day, I remember Ani passionately speaking on a topic I was deeply interested in. But even then, his impassioned monologue wasn’t enough to stop me from saying what I said next…

“I’m only half listening to what you’re saying...I think you’re the man I’ve been asking for…” 

He was rendered speechless. 

I was rendered speechless. 

I almost never say stuff like that! 

But in that moment, something told me that he was the man that I was meant to lead this work with. 

As an Intimacy Coach, I’d often led workshops and talks, yet often felt that the male perspective was missing. 

I’d been asking for Ani, asking the Universe to send me the perfect counterpart. 

Little did I know that I would get just that, plus the wildest romance of my dreams! 

I’m certain now that our relationship is a never-ending initiation into ourselves & each other for the purposes of being able to serve couples like you in creating the deepest love & connection you’ll ever know.

More about our story from Ani

After years of failed relationships, I’d started to see the patterns within myself & former partners that were causing destruction. 

I vowed to stay single until I transcended these patterns that were ingrained in early childhood as a means of protection. 

Despite undoubtedly crossing paths with Lee countless times owing to the fact that we lived in the same neighborhood for years, the universe waited for me to be truly ready before I came face to face with her. 

The moment I saw Lee stand up at that workshop and speak, I knew there was something different about her, something powerful. She had caught my attention. 

Yet even though I noticed this, I was still apprehensive to enter into something romantic…

So, we remained friends for months, meeting up at coffee shops and talking on the phone here and there with not so much as one romantic indication or gesture. 

She confessed to me that she was "low key in love with me" when we sitting in front of a fire in Maine. 

I said "I receive that.." and it was actually a big deal for me to leave at that. 

But something had shifted in the space between us and the absence of words was replaced by the presence of affection. 

A week later we had our first date. 

A month later I asked her to toss out 90% of her stuff and leave her home to go nomadic with me. 

She said yes without a second thought. 

A year later, I asked her to start a company with me. 

Untamed Intimacy was born. 

Our relationship is the only kind of relationship I would ever want to be in. It’s the most clear mirror for me to see myself, and Lee is my greatest spiritual teacher in how she calls me forth to my highest self.