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We’ve been schooled on subjects like biology & calculus, but no one really taught us how to make love work. 

Very few of us had a model for what a healthy relationship looks like.

Most of us inherited destructive patterns of behavior, and picked up a backpack full of trauma, drama, baggage over the course of our life. 

We show up to our dream relationship ill equipped to make it work, hoping that being deeply in love will be enough to keep us in connection, desire and intimacy for the rest of our lives.

How does anyone expect us to know how to skillfully and lovingly navigate relationships so that both partners feel safe, supported, loved, appreciated & desired? 

How do we resolve persistent and destructive relationship patterns that leave us feeling disconnected, closed up and hopeless?

How do we come back to love after being in conflict and feeling shut down?

How do we communicate our fears, needs, desires, boundaries and pain, while honoring ourselves and without hurting our partner? 

How do we rebuild trust after betrayal? 

How do we find our way back ‘in,’ when our gut reaction is to look for a way out?

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been through enough relationship ups and downs to fill a library, but you know deep down that the kind of intimacy, connection and lasting love that seems so far away, is possible for you. 

After a combined 20+ years of making mistakes and learning from them and studying with the world’s leading experts in psychology, neuroscience, tantra & more,  we’ve discovered the most effective and lasting way to create Untamed Intimacy, to help you take the guesswork out of your relationship.

In addition to co-hosting The Untamed Intimacy Podcast, we’ve had the great honor of serving thousands of clients, helping them to identify the patterns and behaviors that kept them stuck in cycles of conflict and suffering, so that they could cultivate masterful levels of self-awareness while creating the relationship of their dreams.

Our approach is unique. Rather than focus on the “problem,” which only serves to make it more real and harder to solve, we look for the inherent perfection, connection and intimacy that already exists - but is hidden behind stories, past resentments and protective mechanisms. 

We support you in redefining how you think about your relationship with yourself and your partner, in such a way that all the issues you once thought you had magically melt away. 

We help you:

  • Build a foundation of SAFETY
  • Cultivate an AWARENESS of what’s happening within your mind & body, and in the relational space
  • Develop the PRESENCE to be with your and your partner’s thoughts & emotions unconditionally, so both you feel heard, seen and felt
  • Learn to COMMUNICATE compassionately & authentically and to receive your partner’s expression without taking it personally 
  • Clear the past and RELEASE old thoughts, perceptions, grudges, etc. 
  • CREATE the relationship of your dreams by design — rather than by default

In other words, you get to move beyond the level of consciousness that is creating the conflicts, patterns and disconnection you are currently experiencing and take your relationship to new heights.  

We believe that all our suffering is created in our minds.

With one thought, we can choose to create either connection or conflict. 

When we can detach ourselves from the thoughts that create our suffering -- thoughts about ourselves, our partners, and the relationship -- we create a perspective that is built on truth and love. 

We’re here to help show you that this perspective is always available to you.

How to work with us:


Private Untamed Intimacy Couple’s Coaching 

3 - 6 months

This experience is the most powerful & transformational container we offer. It’s designed to dismantle your current relationship and help you recreate the relationship of your dreams where both partners’ needs are met, where communication leads to deep connection (vs. conflict), and where you get to reconnect to your sensual & sexual nature. 

This option is completely bespoke in order to meet the needs of your transforming relationship and is a great fit for you if you’d like to create your relationship by design, instead of by default.  You’ll have the opportunity to start with a clean slate -- erasing resentments from the past, so you and your partner can fall in love all over again and create a connection stronger than ever.

Investment starts at $25,000


Private Untamed Intimacy Couple’s Intensive 

6 weeks

Imagine, that in just 6 weeks, you could rapidly transform a specific area of your relationship?

In this intensive, we will do just that. 

This format is great for you if you are having acute issues like persistent, escalating conflicts, an inability to communicate needs & boundaries, are starting to feel indifferent to the relationship, or don’t feel seen, heard, or met. 

This is also a fit for you if you want to inject fresh, new energy into your relationship to profoundly deepen intimacy and take your connection with each other to the next level.

You will have the opportunity to deeply reflect on where you’d like to create the most immediate shifts, so that you and your partner can finally rest in a place of renewed commitment and connection. 

Investment starts at $15,000


The Untamed Intimacy Group Couple’s Program 

8 weeks 

In this program, we dive deep into the fundamental aspects of relationships, including how to create safety in self-expression, how to effectively communicate needs & desires, how to finally let go of past resentment & anger, and how to cultivate loving & erotic intimacy. 

This is a great fit for you if you’ve tried other resources like podcasts, books, and therapy, but can’t seem to make the changes stick and feel overwhelmed at having to do it all on your own.

You will be supported along with other couples in a group setting, as you journey together toward Untamed Intimacy. 

Investment: $3,000